Rotary valves

Rotary valves suitable for conveying any type of powder or granular product, such as sugar, cocoa, starch, flour, chemical ingredients, lime powder, clay, fly ash and wood shavings are the result of continuous development, know-how and decades of experience in the valve industry sector. Our rotary valves for powder can be configured with countless standard parts to handle the most severe conditions of use and the most varied types of powder solutions.

Wide range, robust construction and high filling efficiency thanks to minimum internal clearances meet the requirements of the most advanced powder and bulk solid materials systems. The externally housed outboard bearings are kept separated from the product by way of the outlet space between shaft seal and bearings which results particularly suitable for high temperature applications, for example, in the cement or biomass industry. The entire range of Rotary Airlock and Rotary Valve Feeders is ATEX 2014/34/EU certified and Explosion proof flame containment versions for St2 dust protection in accordance with the EN15089 Directive are also available.

The rotary valves are designed to provide various degrees of wear protection with tungsten carbide coatings and rotors specifically designed to transport abrasive products such as ashes or mineral powders. We also supply a wide range of stainless- steel rotary valves designed to meet the stringent health requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industry. These rotary valves are built in compliance to the EC1935/2004 directive concerning materials and objects intended to come into contact with food and the seals are made with FDA certified materials. Special rotors with scraper blades to transport sticky powders such as sugar or starch complete this specific fitting for the food industry. When frequent regular internal cleaning and sanitizing are required, the LDRZ and LBRZ quick disassembly versions are available with support guides for easy and safe extraction of the cover and rotor. Special seals and specific accessories for CIP (Clean in Place) cleaning solutions are available on request.

The range of rotary valves includes 8 consecutive dimensions with capacities ranging from 3,5 to 250 liters / per revolution at 100% filling; the loading inlets can be Square or Round with DIN or ANSI flanges. Special customer-specific fittings are also available for any industrial sector and application.