Slide gate valves

Knife Gate valves for the interception of dust and granules in gravity or low-pressure systems are designed and developed for systems where a robust and reliable slide valve is required. Blade valves are available in carbon steel or stainless steel in a wide variety of configurations, including rectangular flanges and flange holes as per customer specifications. They are available in the VP version with metal-to-metal slide seal or, for very fine products or where a greater sealing capacity is required between inlet and outlet, in the VPH version with resilient slide seal. To intercept abrasive products, an internal wear-resistant steel coating is available. VP and VPH blade valves are suitable for operation under a standing head of material and with oversized pneumatic cylinders, even when handling heavy-duty materials such as sand and gravel.

The Knife Gate valve ensures slide gate sealing with an adjustable packing gland and is easily replaceable while the valve is in-line, the various types of packing used and the robust construction allow use with high temperature powders and gases up to 500 °C as in the cement, energy or biomass industries. This type of seal is extremely reliable and long-lasting unlike solutions with rubber and felt that are not effective and wear out quickly, requiring continuous maintenance.

The entire range of Slide valves is ATEX 2014/34/EU certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and can be supplied with activation by means of pneumatic cylinder version VPC, gearmotor version VPR or with manual handwheel version VPM. All the actuations of the pneumatic, electromechanical or manual Slide valves are interchangeable with each other and easily replaceable with each other directly in-line on the system. The range of square Slide Gate valves includes 10 consecutive sizes with inlet flanges from 200×200 up to 1000×1000 and rectangular blade valves from 200×315 up to 500×800. Special customer-specific fittings are available for any industrial sector and application.