Double flap gate valves

Double flap valves for the discharge and airlock sealing of powders and bulk solid products in heavy industrial applications with high temperatures, abrasive products, large grain size or irregular shape.

The heavy-duty construction robustness, the technical solutions adopted, and the numerous standardized options of our clapet valves allow their use in the most severe conditions to discharge products such as Clinker dust, fly ash, solid fuels, aluminum or wood shavings. All internal parts subject to wear can be completely dismantled and replaced directly on the system through 4 large access doors. The standard versions can be used in negative pressure systems and temperatures up to 200 °C. In applications with positive pressures, the HP option is available with special adjustable seals and oversized cylinders. The HT versions, equipped with suitable shaft seals and special bearings, are appropriate for use with dust and gas temperatures up to 900 °C making them reliable and long-lasting components in the cement, energy or biomass industries.

The Double Flap valve can have different degrees of mechanical wear protection that use special anti-abrasion steels with increased thickness and tungsten carbide coatings to transport extremely abrasive products such as raw materials of iron or carbon in the steel industry. The entire series of double flap airlock valves is ATEX 2014/34/EU certified for use in environments with risk of explosion. Available in single or double versions, they are operated by gearmotor and cam in the SAM version, and by pneumatic cylinders in the SAP version or by counterweights in the SAC version. All drives, whether electromechanical, pneumatic or gravity, are interchangeable with each other and easily replaceable with each other directly in-line on the system.

The range of Double Dump Valves includes 4 consecutive sizes with square inlets from 200×200 to 500×500 and capacity from 8 to 48 liters cycle at 100% filling, and if necessary, an intermediate chamber can be provided to increase the flow rates. Special customer-specific fittings are available for any industrial sector and application.